Thursday, October 25, 2018

Soul Scrappers Scraplift Challenge

I love scraplifts.  Sometimes, my layout looks nothing like the lift and sometimes it does.  This is the layout that Cheryl, at Soul Scrappers, challenged us to lift.

Ever since I created the "Butterflies in Her Hair" at The Lily Pad, I've loved using butterflies.  So, I decided to go with this look on my lift.  Here's what I came up with:

I loved the distressed edges on the lift layout, so I did the same thing.  Here are the credits: lgrieveson_not_quite_white_7; lgrieveson_worn_page_edges_2_3; lgrieveson_sharpeyed_face; dinsk_AAF_ArtMediaStacks_01; Soco_iat_key; Soco_SpreadYourWings_wa_01; heartsong_KeyLimeDigiDesign_butterfly; heartsong_rjefferies_butterfly; etc_dan_countryside_butterfly; heartsong_etc_dan_butterfly; vr_breathe_butterfly.

Have a great day,

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pocket Letters

I'm doing another Pocket Letter Exchange at The Lily Pad.  They're actually just 9 ATC's in the plastic sleeves like the sleeves the kids put their collection cards in.  This month's theme is "FALL".  I have a couple of sneak peeks here, because I can't show the whole things until my exchange partner gets it.

 I used about 99%  TLP products on these and I'll be back with the full credits later on.  These are truly hybrid.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Chevrons and Selfies

I haven't posted anything for awhile, so here's a layout that I just finished for Soul Scrappers.  Mary is hosting a Tic Tac Toe Challenge, which I love.  Steph just took these cute selfies with Asher so I wanted to use them right away. 

Here's Mary's Tic Tac Toe Board:

Here's my layout.  I used chevrons, a quote and a doily.

Here are the credits: Playing With Chevrons Template by Soco; lgrieveson_NotQuiteWhite_1; Soco_FarewellSummer_pp06, lgrieveson_in_distress01; prd_sotakeshape_pp05_border; sahlinstudio_thismoment_button_02_sh, vintage_doily; etc_dan_sitaspell_ribbon2; heartsong_lynnemarie_tag1.

This was a fun challenge and I had just bought this cool template with chevrons on it.

See you soon,

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Wonderful Art Journaling

How did I ever cope before I discovered Art Journaling?  I used to see pages like this, but had no idea that they could be created digitally.  I was feeling a little under the weather today so I went into my files and these elements just jumped out to me!

Now, I feel better!  Art Journaling is SO therapeutic!

Credits: lbw_M3_June18_ADDON_pp5; lbw_June17_ADDON_ep01, ep02, ep04, ep10; lbw_Aug18_ADDON_WA6, 06, paint3; prd_sotakeshape_pp_07_border.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Happy Tuesday

I'm still working on getting my blog right.  It's coming back to me - albeit slowly.  Haha  I wanted to showcase an adorable set of summer templates by Fiddledeedee aka Cheryl.  I just got them and have used two of them already.

How stinkin' cute are these???  So far, I've used #3 and #4.  I created this layout for Soul Scrappers for Shazza's "Add a Banner Challenge".

Credits: FunInTheSun_DressedUp_Template_4; lgrieveson_InDistress_naturally_3; lgrieveson_snapshots_bloghop_banner, snapshots_2_bh; lgrieveson_blueskies_pocket_bits_21 & 32; PaulaKesselring_Tropicana_elements_52; Rebecca_TravelSketches_Things_Umbrella & Sun; bbonneville_vitaminsea_brad3 & arrow; sahlinstudio_brittdes_pm_artsy_clouds.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 27, 2018

This blog is under construction

I apologize if anything is disappearing from my blog.  I haven't had a blog for over 2 years, and I can't seem to get this one to do what I want.  I need to get my HTML hat back on and figure out what I'm doing wrong in the programming.  It's been a couple of years since I've read HTML too.  Also, of course the HTML I learned has been replaced with a newer "better" version.  LOL

So, bear with me.  It seems to be anything I copy/paste that isn't showing up.  So, if any of the "credits" aren't showing, they will be, as soon as I figure all of this out again.


What a fun template!

I just finished using this fun layout and had to post it right away!

This is my granddaughter, Ava, my sister, Gayla, and my daughter, Stephanie, the last time my sister came for a visit. Of course, that's Asher, running around in the other picture. I was so excited over this set of Cheryl's templates! So much fun!

Credits: Fiddledeedee_FunInTheSun_DressedUp_Template_3; lgrieveson_indistress-naturally_3; bbonneville-vitaminsea-paper1, solid-paper-2, solid-paper-4, brad-1, brad-3, wordbit-4, wordbit-5, wordbit-6, flower-3; Rebecca_TravelSketches_Things_flamingo-1, sun, circleAccent; dinskip_FITSand_flipflops_2.

See you soon,

This is my granddaughter, Ava, my sOf course, that's 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

In Memory of Dawn

The digital scrapping world lost one of it's most talented designers recently.  We're still mourning the loss of Dawn Inskip at The Lily Pad.  We've had lots and lots of challenges in her honor.  All of the August TLP Challenges were in memory of her.  I just created this layout for Soul Scrappers and had to share it. 

I created it for Cheryl's Lift 61 Challenge, at Soul Scrappers.  Everything I used on this page (except the bubble wraps) is from Dawn's Lights, Camera, Action kit.  She loved everything photographic, as do I.  This kit just says everything I want to say.

The bubble wraps were designed by Paula Kesselring (another great designer).

I got this wonderful picture of my five oldest grands and just love it!  I think it's a perfect match for Dawn's Lights, Camera, Action kit!  Boy, do I miss her!  Sadly, her family decided to close her shop at TLP at the end of this month.  All of her designs are 50% off until then.  :(


Friday, August 17, 2018

Exciting Stuff is Happening!!

I wanted to update my blog and tell you some more exciting stuff.   I found out that one of my layouts in the Lily Pad Gallery was featured on the Manufacturer's blog!!!  Here's the link to Little Butterfly's Blog.  My layout is about the fourth one down and is listed as "A Gallery Standout"!  Here's a picture of my layout and of course, the credits.

Credits: SwL_MBC8_18_template; lbw_weekendstories_pp2, 7alt3, pp7alt2, pp7alt1; lbw_weekendstories_jc02, jc03, jc06alt; lbw_weekendstories_eyes, flower1, arrow2, ok, wa3, wa4, paint3, paint4.

This isn't my "usual style", but it's fun to mix it up every once in awhile.  I'm SO glad I did, because the owner of Little Butterfly Wings loved it!

Monday, July 30, 2018

My layout was featured!

I got the greatest surprise today!  My layout was chosen to be on "Gallery Standouts - Finger Pointing".  Here's the link to the blog post. Here's the layout that was chosen.

I created this last night and was really happy with the outcome.  I decided to use a big photograph of Sanibel as the background, instead of paper.  Here are the credits: lgrieveson_wonderful_you_template1; lgrieveson_marina_16 & 20; dinskip_SpringStitches_4; prd_stunning_stitches_no5; SBasic_BeachScapes_05extras.

Thanks so much to Beatrice for visiting The Lily Pad Gallery!


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Traveler's Notebook Layouts

Christmas in July is still going strong at The Lily Pad.  Here are my Day 5 and Day 6 layouts from the daily prompts.

I used the prompt "The weather outside is -".   Here are the credits: PaisleyPress_Travelogue_5_ixi_template; SBasic_AllWrappedUp_Summers_12, extras_border01, paint3, extra3; jjmerry_ep_frame.

This is for the Day 6 prompt "Something frozen of frosty".  Credits: PaisleyPress_Travelogue_1_template_8x8_5; KAargard_WinterSparkleland_paper4_frozenblue & snowflake_paper, trees, frost, snowflakes, WordTitle_WinterWonder & LetItSnow.

See you soon and I probably won't be back with all of this winter.



Soul Scrappers Scraplift Challenge

I love scraplifts.  Sometimes, my layout looks nothing like the lift and sometimes it does.  This is the layout that Cheryl, at Soul Scrappe...